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Franklin GA 30217

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Our crops include peppers (hot and sweet), peas, greens and turmeric.
Pepper Recipe Ideas


We like stuffed peppers (Bell variety) and use dehydrated Ghost pepper on cornbread.  Violet Sparkle (sweet) can be chopped and added for an additional flavor boost!

Current Harvest (July)


We are picking sweet and hot peppers from the high tunnel and gardens this month. We have several varieties of peppers including Bell, Cayenne, Reaper, Ghost, Thai, Violet Swirl, Red Stuffing, Melrose -- from very sweet to very hot! We cook, freeze and dehydrate the sweet peppers; hot peppers are put in jams, hot sauces and dehydrated. 

BTW, dehydrated peppers add a boost of flavor and nutrition to recipes -- even traditional dishes like cornbread, peas and pizza.